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Homeowners Opting Out of DIY

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Handymen work vs DIY

As a society, we’ve fallen out of love with DIY. A decade or two ago, DIY was a common hobby amongst homeowners up and down the country. Over the years, people generally have less time and appetite than previous generations to take on alterations, improvements or repairs to their homes, themselves. On top of that, in the fast-service, smart phone era of AirBnB and Deliveroo, the next generation of homeowners are accustomed to finding service solutions to problems online rather than the nearest B&Q.

The problem for homeowners is that the business of home repairs has traditionally been the domain of the one-man-band or handyman. As great and cheap as a handyman can be when you know one, they are notoriously unreliable and can be impossible to contact on the phone, nevermind securing an appointment online for a visit to a property to carry out a repair. Where technology and user behaviour has moved with the times, customer service in the home repairs maintenance and repairs industry has not. One man bands (read handyman) still dominate the landscape and most will only have a mobile phone number but not the basic requirements of running a service business in today's world, such as a website or invoicing software.

Where Umega is having success is in the area of reliability and customer service. We have over 50 direct employees and an Edinburgh city centre office that’s open from Monday to Friday. We’re easy to find and responsive to customer requests. Talking to a member of our team, scheduling an appointment and paying for work is easy and all managed smoothly from end to end. This gives our customers peace of mind, consistency, predictability and high standards around what they can expect from us.

This is a far cry from the stereotypical elusive handyman.

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