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The End of the Handyman?

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Expert Handymen Services in Edinburgh

The term handyman is an interesting one. On the surface of it, it’s sexist, outdated and best left back in the 80s. The difficulty is that it’s a term some homeowners find useful when thinking about repair and maintenance services for their home. People don’t commonly think of home repair companies when looking for a company and service like ours. They think; handyman services.

So, what do people usually mean when they use the term handyman?

Basic Joinery

When most people say they need a handyman, in our experience what they are usually looking for is a joiner to carry out a basic joinery service. Something like rehanging a door or putting up some shelves are good examples of basic joinery services that people commonly consider as handyman services.

Basic Electrical

Some basic electrical jobs can also fall under people’s thinking of what constitutes a handyman service. Basic electrical services will cover things like fitting new light fittings or replacing electrical sockets. Many older properties will benefit from upgrading to LED light sockets or fitting built in USB charging sockets into plug sockets and these will fall under basic electrical services.

Basic Plumbing

Some basic plumbing jobs that usually fall under the broad term of handyman services will be fixing leaking taps or replacing sections of leaking radiator pipes. Usually anything that involves a small repair to a water system. Gas plumbing is a whole different category and people usually don’t think handyman when it comes to dealing with gas, for good reason!

The end of the handyman?

We suspect the term handyman is here to stay. While we don’t like and avoid using it to describe our home repairs services, it’s still a useful label for people to use when describing the type of service or repair that they are looking for.

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