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Why You Should Use a Trusted Trader in Scotland

Updated: 3 days ago

Looking for a handyman or home repairs service in Edinburgh? You want to be sure that any trades company or contractor you hire is reputable, skilled and trustworthy. One way to gain peace of mind is to use a Trusted Trader – the official "go to" list of Trading Standards Trusted Traders, backed by The City of Edinburgh Council and supported by Police Scotland. These companies have been fully vetted by Edinburgh Trading Standards and are assessed to be honest, reliable, with a quality service that is value for money.

Here are some of the benefits to customers:

1. Thoroughly Vetted Businesses

To become a Trusted Trader, a business must go through a rigorous vetting process. This includes checking their legal status, insurance coverage, credit history, and that they have the proper licences and qualifications for their trade. Criminal record checks are also carried out on the business owner(s). In other words, Trading Standards have done the screening and due diligence checks for you!

2. Adherence to Trading Standards

Trusted Traders must comply with Scottish laws and regulations related to fair trading, consumer protection, and health and safety. They agree to follow a strict code of practice that prohibits misleading advertising, shoddy workmanship, or unethical business conduct. This significantly reduces risk to the customer.

3. Alternate Dispute Resolution

If you have an unresolved complaint or dispute with a Trusted Trader, the scheme provides access to an independent Alternative Dispute Resolution service at no extra cost. This gives you extra consumer protection and recourse.

4. Customer Feedback 

The Trusted Trader website publishes verified feedback and ratings from previous customers for each registered trader. This transparency allows you to make an informed choice based on their track record of customer satisfaction.

5. Reliable Tradespeople

By using a Trusted Trader, you can be confident you're hiring a legitimate business with technical competence in their trade or service. This reduces the risk of receiving substandard or unsafe work.

6. Local Businesses

The scheme promotes local traders and service providers operating in Edinburgh communities. Supporting local Trusted Traders helps boost your area's economy.

Whether you need a plumber, electrician, builder, gardener or another type of trader, using one that's been approved as a Scottish Trusted Trader gives you added assurances and safeguards. Save yourself potential stress, money and safety risks by always choosing to use this valued scheme.

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