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We’re here to take care of your festering home repairs to-do list

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Festering home repairs to-do list

Have you got a long list of jobs which need taken care of round your house but you just never get to them? There’s always something better to do; life gets in the way. We get it.

Your festering home repairs to-do list - It’s too often the story that people just get used to ‘quirks’ in their home; A window mechanism not working, a slow-dripping tap that is slowly but surely driving you insane during the night, scruffy paintwork near the front door where the kids school bags have scraped it every day for 4 years, that missing draft excluder on the back door which makes the kitchen a no-go area for 6 months of the year, or that mirror that’s resting against the wall, which was meant to be put up 2 years ago. We just get used to these things and stop noticing it.

Trying to find an Edinburgh Handyman

When you do finally have a rush of enthusiasm for getting everything sorted; often spurred on by a Sunday night argument - “why have you not fixed that tap yet” - it’s so difficult to know how to get round to complete the tasks. Knowing an Edinburgh handyman you can trust to answer their phone, to turn up on time, to not make you feel awkward in your home home, to complete the job to a good standard and to not rip you off.

There is a solution - What if there was an accessible, reliable, quality solution to solving all of these problems? Welcome to Umega Home Repairs; your alternative Edinburgh handyman service. Just tell us about all these outstanding tasks in your house by completing our online form. Tell us when you want us to come round and we’ll be there; we’ll fix that tap, we’ll put that mirror up and your DIY repairs list will be festering no more!

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